YWSMI Group Branding

Corporate Identity System
UX Designer, UI Designer, Visual Designer
UI Design, UX Design, Branding, UX Research, Viual Design
High Fidelity Mockups, Site map, Wireframes, Interactive Prototype

Except for Inquartik, the other companies of YWSMI Group are legal consulting corporation, so it is difficult to highlight the different between companies in design.
Therefore, we started a project to rebrand the companies of YWSMI group, starting from research to explore and establish the corporate identity system.


In order to understand the company cultures of different companies in the YWSMI group, we have planned two questionnaires.

Analysis Questionnaire Results

Through the analysis of the questionnaire results, we can summarize the corporate culture and spirit of different companies and generate design guideline.

Brand Book

In order to make it easier for colleagues in different companies to access design assets, we convert design guideline to online version.


After we finished Brand Book, we refactored the websites of the companies in the YWSMI group. Here we take WISPRO Technology Consulting Corporation as an example.