Due Diligence

Patent portfolio evaluation made easy.

Product Designer
UI Design, UX Design, Interaction, UX Research, Data Visualization
High Fidelity Mockups, User Flows, Wireframes, Interactive Prototype
Bring data to life.

Patent data hides a wealth of information.
More often than not, most of that useful information gets wasted with tools that only tell part of the story, leaving you exposed.

The Due Diligence is a product providing meaningful dashboards to help clients make precise decision.

My role was to lead various design initiatives of this project.
Who is the stakeholders?

We conduct a series of workshops, interview experts in the patent field to clarify the workflow and stakeholders of due diligence.


- Patent monetization

Patent buying and selling, Patent licensing, Patent pledging

- Investment and M&A

Venture capital and private equity, Investment banks,
CPA firms and law firms

- Patent portfolio analysis

Patent portfolio management, departments

General M&A Process

Due Diligence Roles

Data Visualization

How to convert complex data into meaningful charts is the biggest challenge of this project. Through interviews with project managers and experts, we can clarify what information that users need to know the most. Different purpose will form different chart presentations. The key is how to make charts tell a story.

User Interface Deign

Through the ratio principle of 95% neutral color and 5% primary color, users can focus on the interpretation of the charts and reduce the visual interference from other components.
In terms of interface layout, we using the left sidebar to increase the extensibility of future functions.

User Research

We conducted a series of user testing to validate the design before launch, and used the analysis results as a basis for iteration.
Research method: Usability test、Interview、Cognitive walkthrough、Desirability test variation